More and more, the streets are becoming a harsh environment for children. Road traffic accidents are so commonplace that kids fall victims to such incidents every single day.

It is the hope of BuckleUpKidsPH to keep children safe and secure by encouraging families to observe proper road safety practices. Specifically, BuckleUpKidsPH hopes to make buckling up a habit among Filipino families, specially for children.

Using child restraints reduces the risk of death or injury by as much as 80 percent. By doing this one simple act – buckling up – children have a far better chance of overcoming grave harm in the event of road traffic accidents.



Join the Advocacy

Let's keep our children safe on the road!

Join BuckleUpKidsPH's campaign to make buckling up an everyday habit.

If you're a parent, give your pledge to teach your child how to buckle up.

If you're a child, give your pledge to buckle up the minute you're inside a vehicle.


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